Public Works

  • Document Imaging Allows for the scanning of documents into Ki Corp applications. Configurable to scan individual documents automatically attaching to a case or event, or to scan in batch mode using bar coding.
  • Internal Alert System PCs, cell phones, email and Digital Signage around the County can be linked to the Internal Alert System. Certain departments (e.g. Dispatch, Maintenance, Emergency Management) can send an alert that will display on all device to alert the public and staff. Depending on the level of alert (active shooter or tornado) the PCs can be configured to lock and advise staff to exit the building.
  • Maintenance and Work Order Assists the County Maintenance department with the logging, assigning, tracking and reporting of maintenance work orders and requests. Each department can enter and track individual work order requests. Reports are generated for unassigned work orders, pending work orders, completed work orders, tracking by department and tracking by staff. Manages preventive maintenance.
  • Septic Tank Inspection Tracks and manages septic systems throughout the County.